Our Story

What Alleva Home Care’s Story Means for Your Family

Alleva is committed to offering home care services that are as affordable as possible to encourage aging-at-home as a healthy alternative to institutional living. Nison and the staff at Alleva Home Care know that most seniors prefer to keep living in their own home. Doing so is beneficial for a senior’s physical and mental health, as well as their quality of life.

Alleva Home Care has had steady growth while staying true to its mission of offering quality, compassionate care at reasonable rates. This is due to practices and features that set Alleva Home Care apart from other senior care options, along with the company’s unique approaches to fulfilling its commitment to families like yours. These include:

  • Personalized care management and plans: Alleva performs an in-depth assessment to determine the appropriate level of care. Together with you, we create a customized care plan based on your loved one’s health, domestic, and emotional needs.
  • Our approach to caring for someone is to be clear about their needs, personality, and interests. This helps to ensure that each Alleva caregiver is a good match for each client. We know that adjusting to a new relationship can take up to a month for a senior. We are committed to staying in close touch each step of the way on behalf of your loved one and you.
  • Our personalized approach begins with a free phone consultation during which we get to know each other by focusing on your concerns and questions.
  • We continually devote resources to assuring that our clients’ and caregivers’ health, well-being, and safety are foremost. We do so through continued learning activities and making material investments as needed.
  • Our caregivers take part in specialized training that builds on the knowledge and experience they have when hired. We continually identify and add training options based on client and community needs.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic required an immediate response to ensure safety for clients and their families, as well as for our employees and theirs. Please refer to our Covid-19 Response Summary for more information.
  • Alleva Home Care routinely surveys clients and families for their confidential input about our services.

Our Dedication to Clients, Caregivers, and Community

Alleva Home Care is trusted by hundreds of families who understand the value and benefits of quality home care for their loved ones.

All of us at Alleva Home Care are seriously committed to providing your loved one with the best care available. We have provided compassionate care and support to hundreds of families. Unlike companies that send people to clients’ homes to meet sales quotas, we take the time to get to know each individual’s and family’s caregiving needs. We are dedicated to learning about your caregiving hopes and ideals. This helps us to understand what is most important for you and your loved one. Doing so helps us to select the most suitable caregiver.

We extend our dedication to our caregivers, taking the time to genuinely know them. Our caregivers not only undergo background checks and interviews, but also spend time with us developing our relationship. Whether they want to converse or have a personal issue with which they’d like our help, we’re there to support each caregiver so they can continue to be day-to-day heroes in the community.

Our commitment to providing the best in home care services, along with providing employees with a respectful work environment, shows our devotion to the community. Nison’s grandfather Mikhail surely would honor the actions we take each day as we care for each person and family with dignity. It is our privilege and honor to do the same for you.

Our Covid Response

We provide our caregivers with ongoing training as new Covid-related information becomes available. This includes advice on screening criteria, standard precautions, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and general updates. Training includes information and guidance from the CDC and other credible sources. This helps to ensure that caregivers have the knowledge they need to protect the health and well-being of our clients and themselves.

Our caregivers are educated to recognize the most common symptoms of COVID-19 as outlined by the CDC. When caregivers and care partners visit clients, you can expect that they are trained to:

Perform a mandatory symptom self-assessment immediately prior to each visit.

Maintain hand hygiene utilizing alcohol-based hand sanitizer or washing with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Wear proper PPE including masks throughout their shift and gloves when skin-to-skin contact is required.

Clean surfaces and equipment with approved disinfectants before and after each use.

What Sets Us Apart

Alleva hires less than 10% of caregiver applicants, ensuring that our caregivers are among the best.

We conduct extensive background screening, credential and driving record verification.

Alleva Home Care plans include flexible shift options for your convenience.

We provide nurse-delegated care as an affordable alternative to nursing care.

Our business process includes continuously working to minimize overhead costs.

We do not require long-term contracts.

Our Team

Nison Simontov founded Alleva Home Care in 2005 as a personal mission to honor the memory of his grandfather. Since the beginning, he was committed to supporting the needs of his clients by providing them with expert care at affordable rates. in 2014, Nison also started a foundation seeking to fund medical research of Alzheimer's disease in partnership with the UCLA School of Medicine. It is because of Nison’s commitment to keeping home care affordable and providing service of the highest quality that Alleva Home Care is a trusted resource for hundreds of families who understand the value and the benefits of quality care, and quality lives for their loved ones. Nison has an M.B.A. and a Juris Doctorate in Health Law and is actively involved in his community.

Kay-Ann joined Alleva Home Care in 2023 as its Director of Operations and Special Projects. For the past 12 years, she worked extensively in operations and project management for various healthcare companies. Her methodical approach and understanding of home care practices make her an invaluable member of our team as she spearheads new projects to benefit our clients and caregivers. In her spare time, Kay enjoys attending concerts and spending time with her family and friends.

Kennedy Kungu joined Alleva Home Care as a caregiver liaison in 2016. He enjoys a solid reputation amongst his peers and is a passionate advocate for all Alleva caregivers. Kennedy lives in Tacoma with his wife and child and spends his free time gardening.

Hanahn Korman is a seasoned Registered Nurse who has been helping our company with assessments, the development of care plans, and nurse delegation services, when necessary. She has owned and operated her own successful home health care agency and brings with her a wealth of knowledge on all things nursing.